Start by logging in to your Lunchbox Essential dashboard. Orders should be the first dashboard visible to you. If not, simply select Orders from the menu on your left.


You will see a view of all your most recent orders in your Regular Menu by default. If you’d like to switch menu types to see your Catering or Kiosk menus, you can toggle between these on the top right corner. 


On the Orders dashboard, you will see these in order from the left: 

  • Today’s Sales: the dollar amount of total sales made from your day. The Sales Overview button below leads to a reporting page where you can see a summary of your sales history. 
  • Today’s Orders: the total number of orders placed from your day. The Sales Summary button below leads to a reporting page where you can see a summary of order history. 
  • New Users: this shows you the number of net new users to your site. The Customers button below leads to a list of all registered customers. 

In the section below, you will also see all your orders from the day laid out: New, In House, Out The Door, Future Orders, and Canceled Orders. 

If you have selected to view Catering Menu or Kiosk Menu, it will show you the same thing, but for those menu items.

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