Native Ordering - Menu Configuration (Toast)

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Native Ordering - Menu Configuration:

The following are a list of menu related items that should be finalized on the Toast Admin Dashboard before doing the first menu sync, otherwise you run the risk of having to do double the work.

Initial Menu Syncs Include: 

Menus - Name, Menu Groups & Location Availability

Menu Groups - Name, Description & Location Availability

Menu Items - Name, Price, Calories, Description, Image & Location Availability

Menu Option Groups - Name, Min, Max & Location Availability

Subsequent Menu Syncs Include:

Menu: New Menu Names, New Menu Groups & Location Availability

Menu Groups: New Menu Group Names, New Menu Group Descriptions & All Menu Group Location Availability

Menu Items: New Menu Item Names, New Menu Item Descriptions, All Modifier Functionality (required, min max) Price, Inventory

Native Ordering - Menu Configuration - Toast:

For a full detail on how to build out the Menu on Toast check out the Toast article below. There are a few Not to Do’s when configuring the menu in order to make sure it communicates properly with Lunchbox.

  1. Menu Items should never be based on Menu Specific Pricing

  2. Adjusting prices on the outside layer of modifiers to keep item GUID’s the same for depletion purposes is not yet supported and Lunchbox will show the highest price during the ordering process

  3. Don’t have a nested modifier reference an item that contains the parent modifier (circular reference)

  4. Don't do 2 layers deep of subgroup, just 1 layer. If you do a subgroup, by default we drop the parent subgroup and just flatten it. However, there is functionality to turn subgroups on as an item (you can see this in Stickys and Wings Over)

  5. images should all be uploaded as 160kb or less

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