Native Ordering - Service Charges (Optional) (Toast)

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Native Ordering - Service Charges (Optional):

Restaurant Partners can choose to assign charges per dining option should they wish to help cover the cost of costly delivery fees, PPE or expensive paper products.

Native Ordering - Pick Up & Delivery Service Charges - Toast:

Step 1: In the Toast homepage, go to Service Charges under Payments.


Step 2: Click on the Add button and name it as the intended charge (Service Fee, Delivery Fee, Catering Fee, etc.)


Step 3: You have the option to set the charge type according to the preferred way of charging. It can be a Fixed percent (then set the Charge Percent to your preference: 5%, 10%, etc.) or Fixed amount (then set the Charge Amount to your preference: $4, $5, etc.) An optional threshold can also be set.


Step 4: Set the Assign to check owner (Gratuity)? to No, Assign the fee to the restaurant. Then for more customization, you can choose if it is taxed or what dining option should it apply to. Hit Save & Publish.

Note: This setting is very important otherwise checks will not close out properly in Toast and a balance due will be shown.

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