Native Ordering - Pre-Location Sync Configurations: (Toast)

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Native Ordering - Pre-Location Sync Configurations: (Toast)

The following configurations should be completed by the Restaurant Partner before pulling the initial location sync. The Restaurant Partner must make sure that the Address & Phone Number & Delivery Radius are correct. The Delivery Radius will update every time a sync is pulled. All of these other settings will not unless overridden by the Restaurant Partner.

Initial Location Syncs Include:


  1. Name

  2. Address

  3. Phone #

  4. Delivery Radius - NOTE: The delivery radius will continue to sync after the initial sync.

  5. Hours of Operations


Table of Contents:

Native Ordering - Address & Phone Number Configurations (Toast)

Native Ordering - Delivery Radii (Toast)

Native Ordering - Loyalty & Discounts (Toast)

Native Ordering - Other Payment Options (Toast)

Native Ordering - Dining Options (Toast)

Native Ordering - Taxes: (Toast)

Native Ordering - Service Charges (Optional) (Toast)


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