Toast Integration & API Access Email

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Toast POS Integration:

In order for Lunchbox online orders to populate properly (and for all reporting to be correct), Lunchbox must be set up to integrate with Toast. In order to do that Lunchbox needs to be granted access to your Toast Dashboard. The following actions MUST be completed by in order to start configurations…

Toast API Access Email:

Step 1: Email Toast requesting Lunchbox API Access at This can be found in on the General Ops tab in your restaurant specific Configuration Workbook located in your Google Drive.

Sample Toast Email Template

Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 11.18.58 AM.png

Note: Please have the Client Success Manager (CSM) & Delivery Manager CC’d. This must be completed within three days of project kick off in order to ensure your location stays on track. 

Step 2: Once the Restaurant has been granted API access an email will be sent from Toast to The email will look like this.


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