Vromo Overview

Vromo is a SaaS solution that helps restaurants streamline the entire delivery lifecycle, from managing online orders to automatically assigning dispatching tasks among delivery executives. It enables businesses to track driver’s location, estimated time of arrival (ETA), and task progress in real-time.




  • Driver App - Drivers download the app to get job offers, instructions, and updates on jobs.
  • Driver Chat - The ability to chat with the driver on each order in real-time.
  • Admin Portal - Provides a view of live progress with continuous updates
  • Reporting & Analytics - A convenient view of all jobs and data/metrics are available.
  • Live Tracking - Allow customers to have a perspective of order delivery status in real-time.



Vromo benefits restaurants by:

  • Increasing Profitability: Helping restaurants (that manage their own deliveries) increase their profitability by as much as 30% per order.
  • Customer Base Access: Aiding restaurants through the retention of their customer bases.
  • POS Integration: Offering the ability to integrate into a restaurant’s point-of-sale system for convenience.
  • Data Collection and Metrics: Enabling restaurants to use collected data for identifying patterns such as the peak delivery times and frequencies of deliveries in geographic areas.


Best Practices

Creating an in-house delivery team takes full advantage of Vromo's benefits. The following are best-practice steps to consider when creating an in-house delivery team:

  • Step 1: Set up a delivery management system. Vromo integrates easily with your POS system, automates your entire delivery operation, gives order tracking to your customers, and it comes with a driver’s app that is simple to use.
  • Step 2: Determine what your needs are. It is critical to have an idea of what your delivery needs are and some example questions to help determine those needs would be "average order volume per night," "average customer radius," "busiest delivery times," "target weekly delivery revenue," and "current delivery margins?"
  • Step 3: Create an attractive ad for delivery drivers. Indication of how much per hour can be earned, the percentage of a given delivery fee, etc.
  • Step 4: Attract experienced drivers. Ensure that the drivers selected have clean records, a reliable vehicle, professionalism, etc.




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