Submitting a Feature Request

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How to Submit a Feature Request

The Lunchbox Admin Dashboard has a Feature Request menu option that provides an outlet for ideas on features that could improve the efficiency and productivity of the product(s).


Step 1: In the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard, navigate to Features > Request on the Admin Dashboard (also accessible by visiting:



Step 2: The Features Request page will open in a new window. Regardless of the option, there are three (3) main options in the upper-left portion of the page:



  • Roadmap - Displays information on the features/ideas being worked on and are listed based on their status: Under Review, Planned, or In Progress.



  • Feature Ideas - There is a dropdown option for the Feature Ideas menu link. The following options are provided:



    • 2021 Roadmap - Displays the Committed Roadmap and is for view only, as submissions that are made from this section are not reviewed.
  • mceclip7.png
    • Feature Ideas - The option is available to Submit a Feature by providing a Category, Title, and Details about the proposed feature. There is also the ability to add a screenshot for clarity.
  • mceclip8.png
    • 2021 Internal - This option is not available (only for internal access).
    • CS Feature Requests - The option is available to Create a Post by providing a Title and Details about the proposed feature. There is also the ability to add a screenshot for clarity.



  • Changelog - Displays a log of all features that have been made, filterable by All Entries, New, Improved or Fixed



Step 3: When using the Features Request, items can have their importance or priority increased by selecting the numbered tile beside them.



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