Chowly Overview

Chowly works as an aggregator for all online ordering platforms (including Lunchbox, as well as any of the Restaurant Partner's third-party solutions) to inject orders into the Restaurant Partner's POS system; this allows them to be managed and printed for the restaurant staff to make and fulfill for their guests.

NOTE: Chowly integration with Lunchbox supports Web and App platforms for single-brand Restuarant Partners




Chowly offers the following benefits:

  • Flexible Integration: Chowly integrates with third-party online ordering systems (large and small) and has experience with a wide range of POS systems.
  • Simplify Ordering: Chowly streamlines and digitizes the ordering process, eliminating the need for manual order entry.
  • Reliability and Customer Service: Chowly focuses on accuracy, quick turnaround, and reliable customer service.
  • Cost Savings: Lower your labor costs by getting rid of the time-consuming task of data entry.
  • Quick Platform Launch: On average, it takes only 5-7 business days from the time you sign on with Chowly to launch your integration.
  • Continuous Order Confirmation: Chowly can confirm orders within fifteen (15) seconds.
  • Accommodates Menu Changes: Chowly can accommodate sudden menu changes and doesn’t require you to build a separate menu in order to use their platform.



  • Compatibility with other LB Products
    • Currently, Chowly integration does not support multi-brand ordering experience
    • Chowly integration does not support Scan-to-Pay, Subscriptions, or Catering.
    • While Credit and Tier loyalty systems can be used, in-store earnings or redemptions are not supported.
  • Delivery Cadence
    • Chowly processes Delivery processes every Monday.
    • Requests must be received by 5pm CT on Monday to be started that week. 
  • Menu Configuration
    • Item-level notes: Item-level notes are currently not supported. The Product team is planning on updating the integration to support item-level notes, and this documentation will be updated appropriately.
    • Nested Modifiers: Nested modifiers are currently not supported.
  • Reporting
    • Lunchbox reporting will be the source of truth for all reporting needs.
      • Lunchbox applies all discounts, loyalty redemptions, and gift card amount to the check before pushing the order to Chowly.



Supported POS Systems (Chowly Website Link)

Chowly Knowledge Center




  • Does Chowly support POS systems for RPs with 25 or fewer locations?
    • Chowly supports only the following POS systems for restaurant partners with 25 or fewer locationsUpserve, Square, Toast, NCR Aloha, Clover, Squirrel.
  • How will pricing and contracting/billing be handled?
    • Pricing: All questions that are related to pricing details should be directed to Chowly, as the pricing options vary.
    • Contracting / Billing: All sales and contracting will be handled directly by the Chowly team.


  • If an order has items or modifiers that are not available is the order failed as a whole?
    • Yes.
  • Are failed orders retried? If so, how many times and for how long?
    • They are tried 5 times in succession before completely failing.
  • Does Chowly offer any fallback protocols if an order cannot be injected into the POS?
    • Chowly will call the Restaurant Partner with a message letting them know that an order has failed. The Restaurant Partner can call Chowly for additional details.


  • How will Lunchbox be notified of service interruptions and outages?
    • Chowly has a status page ( that displays outages or service interruptions. The Lunchbox Team and Restaurant Partners can subscribe to receive notifications.




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