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The following steps are for clients that are using DoorDash Drive as their 3rd party delivery partner. They will need these steps to properly fill out the DoorDash Drive Setup Form. Once they fill out this form, we have what we need to integrate Lunchbox with DoorDash Drive for delivery.


Setup Process:

Step 1: Any new client using DoorDash Drive as a delivery partner will need to fill out this form (even if they are currently using DoorDash Drive separately from Lunchbox):




Step 2: In Step 2 of the form, enter the Restaurant Name. The exact name of the Restaurant will be the External Business ID on the form for Lunchbox.

NOTE:The Pickup name is not determined by DoorDash. Lunchbox determines the Pickup name (Customer/Dasher facing). As a best practice, the names should match the location name in Lunchbox.



Step 3: If the client is using the same payment info (i.e., Bank Account) for all locations, the form only needs to be filled out once. But, if they have different payment info for each location, they have to fill out the form one time. The only time that the form needs to be filled out for each location is if each location is billed separately and make sure they are using a different Restaurant Name (e.g., Lunchbox1 or LunchboxNY) on each form.



Step 4: Once the form is submitted, DoorDash Drive will begin setting up your account, Lunchbox will be able to see the location appear on the submitted forms, and will then be able to start the integration process. This takes about ten (10) minutes and is automated to be done around the clock. Please see the tracking link here.

NOTE: A Lunchbox Test Order must be sent through with delivery configured in Lunchbox Admin before DoorDash can create the location in the DoorDash Portal. Otherwise, they will be unable to perform actions (i.e., canceling orders, canceling delivery driver, etc.) until the Test Order is sent through.



Step 5: The Lunchbox Configuration Team will send a ping through the Postman platform, which confirms orders for brand/location that will go through to DoorDash. The Lunchbox Configuration Team can confirm that the restaurant has filled out the form properly before the orders are sent.


Step 6: A flat rate per order negotiated between the Restaurant Partner and DoorDash Drive. If the client has been using DoorDash Drive with a lower rate (i.e., a Legacy Account), have them reach out to their DoorDash Representative to let them know that they will be using Lunchbox and want to take that lower rate with them.

Step 7: DoorDash Drive will automatically configure a delivery radius for each restaurant based on the location; this delivery radius is needed by Lunchbox as well.

NOTE: The DoorDash representative should always provide the delivery radius to the Restaurant Partner.


Step 8: It is important for a client to ensure that they add a service fee to their POS (Reference the "How to Create a Service Charge" help page from Toast, or the "Service Fee Guide" help page from Revel).



  • How long does it take for Doordash to set up the account (SLA to ping endpoints)?
    It takes about 10 minutes for each form submitted.
  • If the client already has Doordash or Doordash Drive already, do they still need to fill out the contact form?
    Yes. Lunchbox needs this information to be submitted for integration purposes. Important! The restaurant will also need to cancel their existing Doordash Drive service with their current account manager.
  • What is the standard delivery radius for Doordash Drive:
    Around 3-5 miles depending on location (NYC is less due to density).





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