Gift Card Overview

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Gift Cards are used to purchase items from a business but they are not physical cards; they are digital-only. Gift Cards can be spent in-store through Scan-To-Pay (for toast customers). There are no maintenance fees or expiration dates on Gift Cards. 



  • Digital Gift Cards can be used in-store or online.
  • Digital Gift Cards can be used for Marketplace purchases.
  • Easily sent to recipients via email or text message.



  • Digital Gift Cards can only be purchased via mobile app.
  • Digital Gift Cards must be redeemed and added to your account in the mobile app before a guest can use the gift card in-store or online.
  • To purchase a digital gift card, a guest must be logged into their account or create an account to purchase a digital gift card.
  • Digital Gift Card purchases require a minimum value of $10.



Purchasing Gift Cards

Purchasing Gift Cards can be achieved by one of the following methods:

  • Within the App:
    • Within the app, a guest will open their Account tab, select Buy a Gift Card, then choose Email or Phone. The guest will confirm the Gift Card recipient and payment information. Gift Cards are sent to either a recipient's email or via text message with the sender's name and optional message attached.
  • Pre-Load Balance:
    • If a guest is looking to preload a balance within their own account, they'll navigate to their Account Settings then select Pre-Load Balance and add funds from their card on file.


Redeeming Gift Cards

The following is information to be aware of when it comes to redeeming Gift Cards:

  1. A guest will receive an email or text message with a unique 16-digit gift card number. The guest will need to open the app, navigate to Account Settings, go to Preload Balance and paste the 16-digit code.
  2. A guest cannot redeem the gift card in-store (or with online ordering) until they first redeem within the app. Once redeemed in-app, the guest’s Preload Balance will appear on their Online Ordering Profile.
  3. Guests can use this loaded balance to place a delivery or order ahead via web and app.



It is important to know the following information concerning settling Gift Card payments:

  1. When a Gift Card is purchased or Preload balance is loaded, the funds from the purchase are directly transferred to a separate Escrow bank account.
  2. Your management team will be responsible for settling Gift Card payments for each store.




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