Campaigner Workflow Trigger Cheat Sheet

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Workflow Trigger Cheat Sheet - Purchase and Loyalty

A workflow is triggered (or initiated) when a contact meets a specific condition, such as opening an email, completing a sign-up form, or clicking a specific link in an email campaign. Below are the common purchase and loyalty triggers you’ll want to use to personalize your guest experience and improve sales:



Average Ticket Price

Upsell, cross-sell, or bundle menu items to increase cheque average.

Last Delivery Order Date

Offer free delivery for a limited time to win back customers that haven’t ordered for a while.

Total Delivery Orders Placed

Reward your top customers that love delivery with a gift.  

Last Pickup Order Date

Create bundles perfect for pick-up orders.

Total Pickup Orders Placed

Remind frequent customers to scan for rewards when purchasing in-store.   

Last Location Visited

Showcase the location by highlighting specific food, environment, or staff.

Most Frequent Location Visited

Showcase new and notable dishes to that location.

Total Locations Visited

Celebrate frequent diners with a discount to thank them for their support.

Last Order Date

Track when customers haven’t visited for 30, 60, or 90 days and offer tasty promotions to invite them back.

Total Orders Placed

Improve customer stickiness by sending a warm welcome and an offer after their first few purchases.

Total Order Lifetime Spend

Target infrequent buyers with mouthwatering dishes or product "how-to’s." 

Total Loyalty Lifetime Spend

Let customers know how far they are from a reward, encouraging them to come back to visit.

Loyalty Credit Available 

Remind customers that have credits to use and explain how they can redeem their points.



Campaigner Workflow Trigger Cheat Sheet (Downloadable PDF)


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