The Content Hub is the very first page on the App that Guests interact with. It includes some additional branding opportunities by including a large Header Image, loyalty overview (if applicable), order history overview, and personalized cards that can highlight the restaurant’s blog, merch store, etc. You can learn more by using the Marketing Carousel One-Pager (Content Hub is on the 2nd page).

NOTE: The Content Hub feature is App-only; an in-App browser is used.


What is Needed:

Header Image:


Content Hub Cards (up to 3):


  • Image
  • Title
  • Copy (text under the Title)
  • Link

Image Size:

Size: 670px x 378px

File: JPG

NOTE: Please provide a Hi-Res Image and the Lunchbox team will resize




  • Promote Your Business: Inform customers about upcoming events, new/existing products, and deals.
  • Educate Your Customers: Provide health & nutritional information to your customers.
  • Share Social Media: Link customers to your social media, podcasts, and other digital content.
  • Report Latest News: Use blogs to inspire, educate, and inform your customers about your business.
  • Increase Revenue: Connect to a Catering page, Merch Store, Event Ticket Sales, or Reservations page.

NOTE: We recommend NOT linking to your order page because 1. the guest is already in your order app and 2. you don't want to send them from the app to the web version of your order page. 


Marketplace Carousel One-Pager (Content Hub info on 2nd page)


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