• Deals are used for marketing purposes to create a surprise effect and entice the customer to spend; Deals are usually combined with loyalty system(s).
  • Deals can be one-time-only or recurring. Basically, any action that a customer takes can be turned into a loyalty-earning action.
  • These offers are designed to be triggers for user behavior. They bring the instant offer, but also bring the progress in a client's loyalty system status.
    • Credit-Based System:  The patron reward progress is visible after ordering deal items.
    • Tier-Based System:  The patron progresses towards higher tier after ordering deal items.
  • Examples of deals available under the Lunchbox loyalty system include:
    • Double / Triple / Quadruple points:
      • During a specific time of day.
      • On a specific day(s) of the week.
      • On a specific day(s) of the month.
      • On a specific day(s) of the year.
    • Sign-up bonuses:
      • Credit bonus.
      • Specific Coupon bonus.
      • Choice-of Coupon bonus.
    • Anniversary of the day when the company was opened.
    • Birthday rewards.
    • Holidays.
    • Coupons for free items.
    • Buy-One-Get-One (BOGO).

Patron Experience

  • Patrons are scheduled to receive a notification about the special offer/deal.
  • The offer usually contains time constraints that encourage patron actions to react fast.

Example: Sign-Up Bonus

Upon sign-up, patrons get a sign-up bonus that can be redeemed immediately. The sign-up bonus is optional and can be added or removed from the system.


  • The Restaurant Group works with our Delivery Team to set up a dollar amount in order to apply it to a patron's account upon new sign-up.
  • Once the client makes a decision about the sign-up bonus, Backend Developers will be able to set it up in the system. We expect to have this setup functionality available in the Admin Panel.

Patron Flow

  • When the patron signs up or signs in to a Restaurant Group for the first time through Web, iOS, or Android Lunchbox platform, the patron gets credit applied to their account.
  • The patron's first order with the Restaurant Group will automatically apply the sign-up credit to the cart when items are added.
  • When the patron's order is placed, the sign-up credit is redeemed.

Additional Information

  • If a Restaurant Group wants to offer a sign-up bonus, the loyalty system must exist alongside to support it.



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