Bank-Based Loyalty (beta)

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  • When a patron makes purchases, they will accumulate points for those purchases at a rate that is pre-defined by the restaurant partner (e.g., 1 point per dollar).
  • The balance for these points is maintained independently in the bank system and can be reviewed by the patron in the Rewards section of the website or the app.
  • When the patron visits the Rewards page after accumulating points, they will see the full list of rewards that are available to be claimed and the points required for each.
    • Rewards that cost more points than the patron's balance will show as disabled.
  • When a reward is claimed, the required number of points will be deducted from the patron's points balance, and the reward is added to the patron's wallet for use during check-out.

Rewards points expiration

  • Currently, the points earned under the bank system do not expire.

Bank-Based + Tier-Based System

  • A Restaurant Partner can choose to use a combination of Bank-based and Tier-based systems to improve the patrons' repeat purchase rates.
  • The point redemption values for rewards can be set to differ based on the patron's tier.
    • For example, a burger may require 250 points for patrons in the base tier but only 150 points for patrons in the VIP tier.
  • The list of rewards available for redemption can be set to differ based on the patron's tier.
    • For example, a burger meal (burger + fries + drink) can be made available as an award only when the patron reaches the VIP tier.

Credit-Based vs. Bank-Based Loyalty

  • Similarities:
    • Credit-based and Bank-based systems share many similarities in how they are configured:
      • Both require the Restaurant Partner to determine a multiplier (i.e., points per dollar spent).
      • For both systems, an item-based reward is configured by creating a promotion (without a promotion code) for a specific item.
      • Both can be combined with a Tier-based system to encourage repeat purchases by patrons.
      • When an award is redeemed, both systems will add the coupon to the patron's wallet.
  • Differences:
    • The main difference between Credit-based and Bank-based loyalty is the patron's ability to redeem awards at different spend increments.
    • Under a Credit-based system, a patron can only earn and redeem a reward at fixed spend increments.
      • For example, Clean Juice patrons can only earn and redeem a reward ($10 credit) after $100 in incremental spend; they do not have the option to wait until they spend $200 for a different set of awards.
    • Under a Bank-based system, the patron can wait and choose at which spend increment they want to redeem a reward.
      • For example, let's assume there's a burger restaurant with a bank-loyalty system with 1 point earned per dollar.
      • The restaurant offers a free drink for 50 points and a free combo meal for 200 points.
      • A patron, after spending $50, can choose to redeem their points for a drink or wait until they spend $200 to get a combo meal.

Restaurant Experience

Configuration (New Restaurant Partners)

Detailed configuration instructions are coming soon.

  • A new Restaurant Partner must specify the multiplier (points earned per dollar), the list of award options, and the number of points required to redeem each award.
  • Any award in the bank system is pointing to a promotion, which is in turn tied to a discount.
    • Let’s say that a burger joint wants to offer a burger as an award option.
    • The reward would point to a Promotion that doesn’t have a Promo Code (so other patrons can’t just redeem the promotion).
    • The Promotion points to an Item-Based Discount which references all the appropriate Burgers eligible for redemption.

Configuration (Existing Restaurant Partners Transitioning from Credit-Based)

Detailed configuration instructions are coming soon.



Patron Experience

  • A guest can track the point progress and decide when to use them and for what rewards item(s).
  • If a guest does not have the appropriate number of points to redeem a reward, that reward will be visible to them but they will not be able to redeem it and add it to the account wallet.
  • Once a reward is redeemed, the points “cost” of the reward will be reduced from the customer’s reward balance.



  • Can a patron redeem multiple rewards at checkout (e.g., If I have both a “free cookie” and a “free french fries” reward in my wallet, can I use both on one order)?
    • No.
  • Can a patron redeem a reward and a promo code at checkout (e.g., If I have a “free cookie” reward in my wallet, can I use that and also code WINGS10 (for 10% off my subtotal) together on one order)?
    • No.
  • Does the item need to be in my cart to redeem a reward (e.g., If I have a reward for a “free cookie”, do I need to actually add the cookie into my cart first)?
    • Yes, but to be determined.
  • How will the patrons find out about the new loyalty program?
    • Starting a few weeks before the launch of the new loyalty program, a series of e-mails will be sent out to the patrons to announce the new program and share supporting information about the transition.
  • What are the biggest changes to the loyalty program?
    • With the launch of the new bank loyalty program, patrons will now be able to choose from a range of loyalty awards and redeem the award they want when they want.
  • What will happen to the remaining loyalty points that patrons have earned but not used?
    • On the day of the new loyalty program launch, every patron’s point balance will be multiplied by 10 to account for the change in points earned per dollar.
  • What will happen to loyalty awards that have already been redeemed by patrons?
    • Rewards that have already been redeemed and stored in the patron’s wallet will not be affected and remain in the wallet.
  • How will patrons earn loyalty points when paying in-store?
    • In-store loyalty functionalities will remain the same under the new loyalty program:
      • Patrons will be able to continue earning loyalty for in-store dining by scanning a QR code at check-out
  • How do orders with loyalty redemptions be refunded or voided?
    • Online orders with bank loyalty redemption: If an online order with bank loyalty redemption is refunded, the in-wallet promotion and the points spent will NOT be automatically refunded to the patron. Restaurant partners must award back the points spent manually or issue a credit equal to the price of the award item.
    • In-store orders with bank loyalty redemption: If an in-store order with bank loyalty redemption is refunded, the promotion will be returned to the patron’s wallet
  • What is the process to change the types of awards that are available under the new system?
    • Currently, changing the types of available awards requires Engineering Support, which can be arranged by a Lunchbox Customer Success Manager.
    • In late Q3, Lunchbox will be rolling out an Admin Dashboard update, which will enable Customer Success Manager and/or Solutions Leads to make changes to their loyalty programs directly from the Admin Dashboard without Engineering support.
  • How will loyalty redemptions appear on sales reports?
    • In the sales reports available in the Sales Reports section of the Dashboard, loyalty redemptions will continue to be recognized under the Loyalty line item (Total Loyalty Spent in the CSV report).
  • How can restaurant partners access reporting on earning & redemption activity?
    • In-depth reporting on loyalty earning & redemption activities can be requested through a support ticket.
  • How do patrons earn loyalty points?
    • Patrons will continue to automatically earn loyalty points on any online orders placed through Lunchbox ordering platforms.
    • Patrons will also continue to earn points for in-store orders through QR code scanning
  • How will patrons check their loyalty point balance?
    • In the Rewards section of both web and app platforms, patrons will be able to see how many points they have accrued.
  • How will patrons check what types of awards are available?
    • In the Rewards section of both web and app platforms, patrons will be able to see the full list of reward options and the number of points required to redeem each.
  • Do loyalty points expire?
    • No. Patrons’ loyalty points do not expire.
  • How do patrons redeem loyalty awards?
    • In the Rewards section of both web and app platforms, patrons will be able to redeem any rewards for which they have enough point balances. Reward options that require more points than the patrons’ balances will not be able to be redeemed
    • Claimed rewards will be added to the patron’s wallet for use with any upcoming orders







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