• Wallet is not a concept that is exclusive to the loyalty product. The Web, App, and Marketplace platforms include a wallet for patrons to store promotions that are earned and redeemed through the loyalty system or the restaurant's general marketing activities (e.g., special one-time promotion for the opening of a new location).
  • In other words, the wallet can be used as a stand-alone feature to allow patrons to redeem general promotional offers or in combination with the Lunchbox loyalty feature.



How the Wallet is Used in Loyalty Systems

  • Sign-up Bonus
    • Sign-up bonuses, if offered by the Restaurant Partner, are automatically added to the patron's wallet when a patron signs up for an account.
    • Sign-up bonuses are typically set to be automatically applied to the patron's first order.
  • Spend-Based Rewards
    • Once a patron earns and redeems a reward through the Lunchbox loyalty system, the reward will be added to and stored in the patron's wallet.
    • The stored rewards can be used on the Cart page, after adding desired items to the cart.
    • A patron can apply a redeemed award to an order during the checkout flow by selecting a desired coupon on the Cart page.
    • Rewards in a customer’s wallet are available to them either indefinitely or until the given expiration date for the reward is reached.

NOTE: The following images depict what the wallet looks like at checkout and at the payment screen:

loyaltywallet1.png          loyaltywallet2.png


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