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Menu Syncs are initiated by internal Lunchbox users from the Admin Dashboard in order to retrieve information from the integrated POS partner. The information being retrieved can include both new Menus and Configurations.

Setup Process

Step 1: Menu Syncs can be performed by the Lunchbox Support team either via chatting with Lunchbox’s Support Team via the Support button on the Lunchbox Dashboard or through email at Menu Syncs are system-wide for all restaurant locations in the Restaurant Group.



NOTE: The Live Chat feature can be found on any page of the Admin Dashboard in the bottom-right hand corner.


Step 2: Wait on confirmation from Lunchbox Support that the Menu Sync has been completed. This usually takes just a few minutes.


Step 3: Confirm that the intended updates have been successfully carried over (e.g., If adding a new Menu Item, double-check to confirm that it is displaying on Lunchbox as needed).


Restaurant Operations

Prior to requesting a Menu Sync from the Lunchbox Support team, it is important to confirm that all information has been published or all Menu Edits have been saved. Please request a Menu Sync at least 3-5 minutes after the changes have been pushed/published in the Point of Sale system.



  • Am I able to schedule Menu Syncs?
    All Menu Syncs will need to be requested on an as-needed basis from our 24/7 Support Team either via Live Chat or email at
  • Can I run a Menu Sync on my own?
    This permission is currently limited to Lunchbox internal users only.
  • Does a location need to be synced on the dashboard?
    Yes. For location and menu changes, they need to be synced from the Lunchbox Dashboard for changes to "go live."


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