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Push Notification Feature

Push Notifications offer you the ability to engage your guests with important information to increase your business and visibility for new items, promotions, upcoming events, etc.

Creating a Push Notification Process

Step 1: When looking to create a Push Notification, you can find this feature under Marketing in the Admin Dashboard menu pane.



Step 2: The Search For Push Notifications page will open, which displays a list of all push notifications that have been previously sent out, information on notifications, the scheduled date, and notification status. You can perform a search for past push notification campaigns if you, or anyone else in your organization, created one. To create a new campaign, select the Create button, located on the top right portion of the screen.


NOTE: Once a push notification has a status of Delivered, you cannot make any adjustments or changes to the content of the notification.


Step 3: The Create New Push Notification swing-out window will appear. Fill out this form to create a new push notification starting with the following fields:

  • Campaign Name: The name given to the new push notification campaign.
    • The name that you provide in this field is not guest-facing and can be identical to the Notification Title field.
  • Notification Title: The title provided to the notification that will be created; this could be a question, a new item alert, etc.
    • The information entered in this field will be guest-facing. 
  • Notification Content: The information provided to describe any extra information you’d like the guest to know (i.e., details about a promotion you’re running or upcoming event details).
    • The information entered into this field will be guest-facing.

NOTE: To add emojis to your text, right-click in the text field and select Emoji at the top of the menu that displays. Then scroll through the list of emojis and select the emojis you’d like to include in the messaging.

  • Scheduled Date: The date that the new push notification will begin.
    • To select a date, just click on the date when the calendar opens and it will display in the scheduled date field.
  • Scheduled Time: The time that the new push notification will begin, based on the Scheduled Date field.
    • This field is in Eastern Standard Time (EST) format.

When all fields and information have been entered, select the Save button to confirm, located at the bottom of the window.


NOTE: If you select the Save button without entering a Scheduled Date and Scheduled Time, the push notification will automatically go out to all guests at the time that you select the Save button. Also, you cannot test the Push Notification, as it will automatically send out to all of your guests that are registered with your Mobile App at the time that you save. 


Step 4: Once you created this campaign, which will appear in the Push Notifications section, you can check the status of this campaign in the Status column.





  • Are Push Notification times local or EST (Eastern Standard Time)?
    They are EST (Eastern Standard Time).
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