Screen_Shot_2022-09-12_at_4.24.40_PM.pngWe've made some optimizations to our admin dashboard to optimize on clarity and getting admins what they need to see.

Here is a list of some of the changes we've made:


1. Sales Reports

Seeing as the Locations page that was previously under the Home section of the dashboard has been a focal point for many of our admin users, we've moved it out into its own section and officially titled it Sales Reports.

In addition, you'll find that this page now reports the following sales figures for each location:

  • Orders #
  • Subtotal: The price of all items sold before delivery, discounts, tax, tip, and loyalty
  • Tax
  • Delivery Fee
  • Tip
  • Discounts
  • Loyalty
  • Total Amount: The total amount after delivery, discounts, tax, tip and loyalty
  • Refunds: The total refunds processed

You'll also find improvements have been made to the Date Picker, where now there are presets for Yesterday, Last Week and Last Month. Setting custom date ranges has also been improved to allow for smoother selection of start and end dates.


2. Refunds

It was previously unclear where an admin would need to go to identify how much has been refunded for an order. Now, we've moved the total amount of Payment Refunded as well as the total amount of Loyalty Refunded into the Order Details page.


3. Location Filter

We've updated our Location Filter at the top of the dashboard to be more apparent when All Locations are currently being viewed, versus when the dashboard is being filtered to only show content for a specific location.


4. Max Size for Picture Upload 

Lastly, we've added a disclaimer when uploading images for menu items, that specifies that images must be below 5mb in order to be uploaded. We've done this to optimize page loading speed for customers and keep their menu browsing experience as clean as possible.


You'll find plenty more micro-updates in this release in addition to this list, and we'll continue to keep you updated on what's ahead. 


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