mceclip0.pngGuest Profile Overview

Step 1: Clicking on a Guest will lead you to their profile. Their profile contains the following information:

  • First Name: First name of the guest.
  • Last Name: Last name of the guest.
  • Phone: Phone number of the guest.
  • Email: Email that the guest.
  • Account Created: The date of when the account was created. 
  • Address: The most recently added delivery address that the guest has on file.


Loyalty History 

Step 1: The Guest Profile also displays the Loyalty History. Loyalty history is listed on the bottom left of the guest’s profile, and shows all the loyalty transactions for that guest with the following fields:

  • Type: Specifies what kind of loyalty transaction took place. Capable of having the following values
    • Credit: Loyalty amount that was given to the user, either when they first registered or when awarded to them by an Admin.
    • Spent: When loyalty for a guest was spent by them on an order.
    • Order: Loyalty progress earned by the guest when they place orders. Typically $1 spent is equal 1 point of progress.
    • Refund: Removes loyalty progress from a guest’s account due to an order refund.
    • Void: Removes loyalty progress from a guest’s account due to an order being voided out.
    • Recredit: Credit that is added back to a customer’s account for orders where they “Spent” loyalty and that order has now been refunded. (ie. A customer spends $10 of loyalty on an order, and that order gets refunded, so they get their $10 re-credited to their account.
    • Coupon: Loyalty that is associated with a customer discount rather than loyalty progress (ie. 1 Free Burger)
    • Redeemed: When a Coupon is used by a customer, Redeemed negates that Coupon.



Order History 

Step 1: You can also view a guest’s Order History, which is displayed in the bottom right of their profile.



Step 2: Order History contains the following information:

  • Check #: The reference number for the check, as determined by the POS.
  • Location: The restaurant location that the order was placed for.
  • Type: The type of order that was placed:
    • Dine-In
    • Pickup
    • Delivery
  • Order Date: The date and time that the order was placed.

Step 3: By clicking on an order, you can examine more information about the order such as Ticket Summary. 



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