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Lunchbox Support Feature

Lunchbox offers Support services for all of your questions associated with the Admin Dashboard and more. 


Using Support and Live Chat

Step 1: To chat with Lunchbox Support, log into the Admin Dashboard. Select the Support button at the bottom of the page.



Step 2: You can use the Search Bar to search our Resource Center for articles about topics you’re interested in or click the Live Chat button to chat with a Support Representative. 



Step 3: Once you click Live Chat, you must provide your Name, Email, and a Message that includes your Restaurant Group and the location you are inquiring about. After entering those details, click Start Chat



NOTE: Our Support team responds to Chat within five (5) minutes after submission. The Support Team's hours of operation are 8am - 1am EST, Monday through Sunday.


Using the Resource Center and Emailing Support

Step 1: If you want to access the Resource Center, click here. In the Resource Center, you can search for topics or navigate through the topics presented to answer questions and learn more about Lunchbox and our products.



Step 2: You can email Support by selecting the Submit a Request button at the upper-right side of the Resource Center. When selected, a form opens that allows you to submit your request for help.



Step 3: When the Submit a Request form opens, the following fields are available:

  • Your Email Address: Provide your email address so that Support can contact you as needed.
  • Subject: List a summary of your need for assistance in this field.
  • Description: Describe, in detail, the specifics of your issue so that help can be provided.

(Continued below screenshot)



  • Priority: Use the dropdown to prioritize the issue (options are: Low, Normal, High, Urgent).
  • Attachments: Add (or drag and drop) files into this section if attachments aid in describing the issue to the Support Team.

When finished, don't forget to select the Submit button to have your issue sent to the Support Team.



NOTE: The average response time, using this method, is thirty (30) minutes, so if your needs are more urgent, reference the Using Support and Live Chat section.



Lunchbox Resource Center

Lunchbox Resource Center Guide (One-Pager)




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