Order with Google Overview

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Order with Google Overview

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Order With Google provides another entry point for a guest to place an online order. It allows a guest to place a direct food order straight from a Google search. The guest can see the integrated online ordering partners and choose who they want to order from. The "Order Online" button initiates this ordering process. Once guests choose which Direct Order option to order from, they are taken directly to the menu to place an order seamlessly without leaving Google.

This is convenient for guests because they can search and order through Google without having to go to an external site, create a login, etc., and instead can place an order right from the Restaurant's Google Business page.

More info from Google: https://developers.google.com/actions/food-ordering/guides/overview

What is it?

Lunchbox integrates with Google Food Ordering to appear as an option to order from. This gets integrated into both Google Search and Google Maps, which can funnel in many potential guests. Guests will also see the difference in fees for all the order party options.

This is a massive convenience feature for users, as it eliminates the need to download a separate app for each restaurant or to navigate to the restaurant’s website - removing a major barrier to ordering food that people are searching for online.

Restaurants using Lunchbox will be able to directly convert customers searching for their food on Google into first-party sales.

This integration enables customers on Google to find, order, and reorder directly with a few quick clicks. Convenience is crucial, and customers will crave how easy it is to search and order from their favorite restaurant. All of this with easy-to-order, stream-lined menu management.


Google Food Ordering is a win/win for Restaurant Partners and guests:

  • Search Engine Optimization - Increase SEO for the restaurant brand

  • Streamlined Menu Management - Real-time menu syncing, 86ing, and item/modifier pricing updates.

  • Preferred Menu Placement - With a single search the guest can easily access the By activating this feature it will be the first one that is made available when you click on one of the ordering options. The 3P sites will then appear after. Takeout and Delivery buttons that are made prominent and available on Google My Business, Google Maps, Google Assistant, Google Home & Google Pay.

Fun Fact: There's no need for expensive marketing efforts with this new integration because customers are already searching on Google. Did you know that over 8.5 Billion searches are made per month for Food Near Me?! For comparison, the next food delivery-related monthly search is "Dominoes" at 256 Million.

  • Pay Less Fees! - Restaurants pay 4% per order after discounts are applied to the orders. This helps to increase profit margins while converting guests away from higher-priced lower-profit 3rd party ordering.

  • Seamless Ordering Process with Smart Menu Structures - Without having to navigate to the restaurant's website to load up the menu and place an order - Order with Google will present the full ordering experience from the map (or search results) and the menu is tailored to the Order with Google menu structure.

  • Guest Data Collection - Unlike 3P ordering with Order with Google full guest data is included with the order. This helps you to maintain full control of your guest order data to re-target new customers, or to learn more about your demographics. 

  • Orders Integrated Directly into Your POS - No need for managing an external tablet because orders will flow directly into your POS.

  • Flexible Price Uplift - Wish to charge more for an Order with Google? Do so easily with a menu pricing uplift that is specifically tailored for Google Food Ordering.

  • Global Order Throttling - Control how many orders can be placed based on prep time & order throttling rules…

    • order volume

    • dollars spent

    • by different days

    • by times of the week

  • Simplified Location Setup and Management - We will tie the location and information to your Google My Business Account using Google's Identification Tools automatically when we activate the feature flag and sync the menu.

How does Lunchbox Integrate with Order with Google?

Step 1: Lunchbox imports your menu and with smart menu structures formats the menu for easy Order With Google Menu Importing.

Step 2: Lunchbox will then activate a simple feature flag for the restaurant group and once this is enabled the menu will be sent and beautifully displayed on Order with Google.

Step 3: Then, the “Order Pickup” and/or "Order Delivery" buttons will be visible.

Step 4: Next, the restaurant partner must set this integration as the preferred online ordering provider on the Google Business Profile.

Step 5: Now, you’re ready to start raking in the orders with Google My Business Listing, Google Maps, Google Assistant, Google Home, & Google Pay.

Step 6: Customers can now easily search for and place their orders through the Order with Google platform. Payment is captured through Lunchmoney.

Step 7: The new order is sent to your POS system.

Step 8: Customers are updated when their food will be ready based on the prep times, delivery times, and order throttling rules set for your brand.

Release State

Released 10.19.23

Currently in Early-Access Testing, but has General Availability for purchase

Supported POS



  • Available only for new or migrating Lunchbox 2.0 customers who are using ParPay (World Pay) or Finix as a payment processor

  • Only available for Pick Up & Delivery Services

  • GooglePay must be configured before Order with Google can be activated

  • Requires a verified Google My Business Listing

  • Can be used with any POS Integration

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