When making changes to your Lunchbox app, there are some things that you’re able to do instantly vs needing to submit a new build. Refer to the following items that can be changed from the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard.

Making Updates

First things first, navigate to your Admin Dashboard, by going to your order site, logging in, clicking Jump to Admin, and navigating down to Design>Mobile App:



New Build Required Changes

Changes that require a New Build to be submitted (or at “Build Time”) to the App and Google Play Store:

  • App Info

    • IOS Identifier (this can be a placeholder, but would require a new build if changed)

    • Android Identifier

  • App Icon

    • App Icon is the App Store Icon

    • Android Icon would the icon added to Google Play

  • Images and Icons
    • Image and Icon Files - These include the App Logo, Woodmark, Start Order Page Image and Gift Card Image (when applicable) that are used in the App
  • Fonts

    • Fonts and Font Files - there is a default font, but you can set these specifically for the font (header and text need to be set up at the same time (when you save)) - OTF & TTF for apps - font size multiple currently doesn't do anything but will reduce or increase the size of the font

  • Social Sign In

    • Social Sign-On - Currently available for Google Sign-in (through firebase) - once toggled on and configured by eng, it will appear in the app as an option

  • Marketing

    • Marketing Section - Meta Pixel is ready and Google Analytics would be configured through firebase and then we would send information to their GTM account

  • Mobile Payments

    • Merchant Identifiers for Mobile Payments - Google Pay would be set up via firebase and apple pay would need this configured here

If something needs to be added, there would need to be a new build requested.


Anytime Changes

Changes that can be made, saved, and applied at any time after the initial Build has been submitted to the App and Google Play Store:

  • Marketing Corousel

    • Upload the slides that will be displayed on the homepage of your app.

  • Colors

    • Colors - get written at build time and set a default. This will update once you save. Primary color gets downloaded at build time

  • Custom Popup

    • Custom Popup - appears at the top of the app screen

  • Hub Marketing

    • Content Hub for Marketing - Title, Description, Button Test, Button URL and Image File

  • Display Options

    • Display Options - Menu Item layouts, Managing Payments, Displaying Scan to Pay or Loyalty and Partial Payments

  • Rewards Page

    • Rewards Page - The rewards can be created and hidden and then be toggled on to be displayed. This would simply show the rewards page, buttons, and links

  • Button Styles

    • Button Styles - these are the button colors and style (radius) for primary, second, and tertiary buttons

  • Tab Bar Icons

    • Tab Bar Icons - all 4 (SVG files preferably) need to be set up and saved (active would tint to the brand color)


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