Delivery Dispatch: Manage Invoices

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Delivery Dispatch: Manage Invoices

In this article, we’ll discuss how to find, view, pay and download invoices.

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View the list of invoices. You can pay an invoice by clicking on the pay button.

Note: If you haven’t already, plesae be sure to add a Payment Method and connect a Bank Account or Credit Card Account to your LB Delivery Dispatch organization through this platform’s Stripe integration. This is different than payment processing for Lucnhbox orders and only used for provider delivery fees.

Note: Your invoices will include all delivery fees and you will not need to remit payment to the delivery providers separately.

Note: Invoices will show each order and included delivery fees, delivery tips, refunds, and any other additional applicable fees.

1. To find your invoices from the LB Delivery Dashboard, navigate to Settings:

2. Under Billing, select Manage:

Open Invoices

1. Once you have your Payment Methods set up and connected, you can view Open Invoices by simply clicking Pay on the Invoice:

Important: Invoices are automatically paid using the default Payment Method provided on a weekly basis. When you set up your Payment Method, you agree to these terms.

Note: Additionally, you can easily download the invoice as a PDF before paying by clicking the “download” icon on the far right of the Dispatch Billing page or right on the invoice itself.

Paid Invoices

Once an invoice is paid, you can view the receipt by clicking on View Receipt or by simply clicking the “download” icon on the far right:

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