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Lunchbox Order Aggregation

Proprietary Product of the Lunchbox Restaurant Technology Suite 

Since the pandemic, digital ordering and third-party delivery have created a revenue boon for many restaurant operators. Increased demand for digital ordering via third-party marketplaces such as DoorDash, GrubHub, and Uber Eats, has broadened market access for restaurants, bringing new customers and significant off-premise order growth.

While this new revenue source has proven to be very lucrative for operators, new operational and technology challenges have typically introduced order management problems that impact FOH and BOH efficiencies. Restaurants seeking to grow online ordering will work with multiple marketplaces, and in many cases, multiple POS systems. In this situation, a restaurant’s existing technology stack is usually not able to provide the seamless disparate systems integration and menu curation capabilities needed to automate multi-channel ordering flows. 

Lunchbox Order Aggregation allows operators to consolidate all third-party marketplace orders with Doordash, Grubhub, EZcater, UberEats, Postmates, and Skip the Dishes, pulling all order information into a restaurant's point of sale (POS) system(s). Menus are automatically kept up to date, including 86'd items and business hours.

Through the use of the Lunchbox Order Aggregation system, restaurants are able to throttle incoming orders and communicate seamlessly to automate the ordering and delivery process with 3rd-party marketplaces. Order Aggregation employs smart business intelligence and AI to facilitate the implementation of 3rd-party marketplace menus, images, prices, and more.

With Lunchbox Order Aggregation, restaurants are enabled to dramatically increase their off-premise order revenue through the following product features:

Product Feature

How It Works

Benefits for Restaurant Operators

Direct Marketplace Updates

Update all marketplace menus and prices in real-time, including 86’d items, through the restaurant’s POS system(s). 

  • Elimination of manual POS menu updates

  • Operators can adjust item availability and vary pricing in real time based on demand

  • Flexible updating increases order revenue capture

Automated Business Hours

Business hours, seasonal hours, and temporary closures are automatically uploaded and updated across 3rd-party marketplaces.

  • Reduction of store online administration workload

  • Ensures orders are only accepted during times when they can be fulfilled.

  • Elimination of customer frustration due to rejected order submission

  • Syncing business hours can reduce order submission errors by up to 50%

Smart Menus

Deploys unique ‘Smart Menu’ technology that automatically adapts POS menus to 3rd-party menu structures/features and limitations.

  • Updates to one managed menu are automatically applied to multiple delivery platforms

  • Improved menu navigation and upselling capability can increase sales by up to 25%

  • Unique technology in the industry; not offer by any other restaurant technology vendor

  • Lunchbox Order Aggregation can be implemented as a standalone solution, integrating with an existing technology stack or as a component of a Lunchbox platform deployment 

Order Throttling

Control how many orders can be placed based on order volume, time of day, or dollars spent on a store-by-store basis.

  • Avoid overwhelming kitchen or delivery teams

  • Ensures accurate, efficient, and on-time order fulfillment

  • 95% order accuracy improvement

  • 30% reduction in driver wait times

Optimized Order Management

Orders are held and then sent to the restaurant’s POS system(s) ‘just-in-time’ for optimal driver pick-up timing.

  • Reduces manual order voiding and re-keying due to customer order changes post submission

  • Improving order delivery time accuracy increases customer satisfaction and repeat orders

  • Better BOH timing for pickup improves driver performance and attitude toward brand

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