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The Lunchbox Admin Dashboard has the ability to provide .csv reports that contain all orders from Lunchbox per location in a specific period of time.

Navigation Process

Step 1: Navigate to Sales Reports on the Admin Dashboard.



Step 2: Select the Order Type that the report should include:

  • Standard - Pick up and Delivery Orders.
  • Combined - Pick up, Delivery, and Catering Orders.
  • Catering - Catering Orders only.



Step 3: Filter the Dates that the report should cover.


Step 4: Select Export CSV to generate the report.



Sales Report

Report Fields

Step 1: Here are the fields that will be included in the sales report:

  • Location - This is where the order has been placed.
  • Order Type -  Delivery, Pick up, and/or Catering.
  • Number of Orders - Total count of completed orders placed.
  • Total Revenue - Total amount paid by the guests.
  • Total Net - Total Revenue, minus deductions.
  • Total Tip - Total amount of tip paid by the guests.
  • Total Tax - Total amount of tax paid by the guests.
  • Average Tip - Tip paid by the guests per order.
  • Average Tax - Tax paid by the guests per order.
  • Average Order Price - Revenue paid by the guest per order.
  • Total Refunds - Total amount refunded to the guests.
  • Total Loyalty Spent - Total Loyalty Credits spent by the guests.
  • Total Stored Value Spent - Total stored value amount spent by the guests.
  • Total Discounts - Total Discount Value applied to the orders.
  • Number of Orders with Refunds - Total count of refunded orders.
  • Number of Unique Guests - The total number of guests who made at least one order.
  • First Time Visit - Total number of orders from the first visit.
  • Returning Visits - Total number of orders from repeating guests.



  • Why am I receiving an error when downloading?
    This might be caused by downloading reports for a long period. A good workaround is to download the report in batches -- weekly or monthly.
  • I want a report with sales broken down per transaction. Where can I download this report?
    Transaction level Sales Report can be downloaded from another tab in the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard under Search for Orders.


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