2m - Prep Times & Order Throttling Times & Order Firing/Printing Behavior

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Disclaimer: This article is for Lunchbox 2.0 customers only. If your dashboard header looks the same as below, you are in the right place:

Lunchbox Service Type Prep Times and Lead Time are pulled into the Admin Dashboard through a sync that occurs every five minutes

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  • Future Orders placed before throttle times are added into the POS will not be updated and send to the POS with the Order Ready and Prep TImes that were in the system when the guest originally placed the order.

  • Throttle times are not available to restaurants without the Toast Online Ordering functionality activated.

  • Lunchbox cannot overwrite Toast Printer Settings.

Setting Takeout and Delivery Prep Times

Note: Delivery times are only visible if you have enabled delivery using the Takeout/Delivery settings in the POS. To do this navigate to Other Setup>Takeout/Delivery>Enable delivery using your own delivery drivers>save.

  • This setting may default back to disable delivery but the fields to adjust the prep time for takeout and delivery will now be visible in the Toast Admin UI on Takeout/Delivery in the side bar navigation.

Step 1: Go to the Toast admin Dashboard and select Takeout/Delivery using the left-hand navigation bar.


Step 2: Scroll down to Quote time Strategy and using the drop downs set the quote times for Takeout and Delivery.

NOTE: Manual, Kitchen and Order Price strategies will only send Lunchbox the value located in Quoted Time. We do not follow Toast Kitchen Capacity Rules or Order Price Rules. Lunchbox sends the prep time with the order to the POS. We overwrite internal Toast Prep Time so that we can send through and additional minutes that are being calculated in Lunchbox when using Subtotal Prep Time Rules.

Step 3: Click the Publish all changes to get these times to push to POS.

NOTE: These values should import automatically with the Toast integration and this import occurs every five minutes.

Setting Throttle Times (Online Ordering Active Only)

Before we begin let’s look to see if Toast Online Ordering is turned on for your establishment. This setting is required to enable additional timing options like order throttling visible in the Toast Admin Dashboard. There may be charges associated with this setting.

If it is activated on your portal your admin dashboard will show the Toast Ordering Settings Box complete with Quote Times.

If this setting has not been enabled your online ordering dashboard will show the Toast Ordering Settings Box and an Upgrade Now Button.

Heads Up!: When throttle times are not enabled Lunchbox will add 5 minutes to the lead time in Lunchbox by default.

Step 1: Go to the Toast admin Dashboard and select Takeout/Delivery using the left-hand navigation bar.


Step 2: Scroll down to Toast Online Ordering and activate the delivery delay toggle.

Step 3: Using the drop-downs adjust your throttle time.

NOTE: In the integration this setting extends your lead time it DOES NOT add more time to the Prep Time.

NOTE: When throttle is set in Toast it adds the Prep Time plus the amount of throttle time to the Lead Minutes Value in Lunchbox.

Understanding your Quote Time Strategy

ASAP Order Ready Time = time of placed order + prep time + rounding to the next 15 minutes (by default)

Printer Settings

Toast has three settings that effect the time when an order will print to the kitchen. Lunchbox sends a Prep Time with the order when it is sent to the POS. Adjusting the following settings will determine when the order will fire to the kitchen.

Step 1: From the Toast Admin Dashboard Navigate to Other Setup and click Takeout/Delivery

Step 2: Scroll down to Scheduled Orders and adjust the Send scheduled orders to the kitchen when created.

Choose between the following settings…

  • Send to the kitchen as soon as they are created. Orders will not print again. (This will send ALL orders directly to the kitchen as soon as they are sent to the POS.)

  • Send to the kitchen as soon as they are created, within a period of time. This will not affect orders created and due outside of this time. (These orders can be controlled using whole-hour increments. This setting will send all orders within one hour of the order ready time.)

  • Do not send as soon as they are created. (This order will not print until the order reaches the order ready time minus the prep time. Example 10-minute prep times will print 10 minutes before the order ready time.)

Step 3: Click Save

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