Managing Lunchbox Loyalty 2.0

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Managing Lunchbox Loyalty 2.0

Lunchbox Loyalty allows you to manage your loyalty programs powered by Lunchbox in the Admin Dashboard

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Navigating To Loyalty Admin

Step 1: Log in with LB2 Admin credentials

Step 2: Navigate to Admin Dashboard by clicking the cog icon in the upper right

Step 3: Click on Loyalty Admin on the left-hand navigation bar

Step 4: You’ll be automatically authenticated and brought to LB Loyalty’s Admin Page


Creating Loyalty Rewards

Configure Open Discounts:

Step 1: From the Rewards Tab click on Discount Configurations

Step 2: Click Add Open Discount

Step 3: Enter a Name for your Open Discount. Example: Loyalty Credit Open Discount

Step 4: Select a Discount Partner (Promotion Partner) from the dropdown options. Example: LB2

Step 5: Enter an External ID - This value should be the word found in the Coupon that was created to make the coupon in the CLU field minus the word “:redeemable:”

Step 6: Enter a Location ID (Optional)

Step 7: Click Add Open Discount

Note: Loyalty Rewards Dollar Discounts must include the Is Rewards Dollars flag in the Lunchbox Coupon UI.

Example Rewards Dollars Coupon

Create a Loyalty Credit Reward

Note: You must first Configure an Open Discount before being able to create a Loyalty Credit Reward

Step 1: Navigate to Loyalty Rewards (Reward Codes)

Step 2: Select Loyalty Credit from the drop-down

Step 3: Enter a Reward Name for internal use. Example: $5 Loyalty Credit

Step 4: Enter Description Example: $5 dollar off reward credit for orders

Step 5: Enter Novadine as Discount Partner

Step 6: Enter a numerical Amount to be reward. Example: 6

Step 7: Click Add New Reward

Create a Coupon Linked Reward

Step 1: Navigate to Loyalty Rewards (Reward Codes)

Step 2: Select Coupon Code from the drop-down

Step 3: Enter a Reward Name for internal use. Example: Free Coffee

Step 4: Enter Description Example: Here’s a free coffee on us

Step 5: Enter Novadine as Discount Partner

Step 6: Enter a pre-created coupon code (Coupon CLU)

Step 7: Enter Image URL (Optional)

Step 8: Click Add New Reward

Creating Loyalty Programs

Create a Spend Program

Step 1: Navigate to Programs on the left-hand navigation bar

Step 2: Select Spend from the Program Type drop-down selection

Step 3: Enter a Program Name for external guests. Example: Foxtail Rewards Program

Step 4: Enter a Program Description for external guests. Example: Earn 10 points for every dollar you spend. Get $5 for every 500 points you earn.

Step 5: Enter a numerical value for the Points Required in your Spend Program. Example: 500

Step 6: Select a previously created Reward from the dropdown. Example: $5 Loyalty Credit

Step 7: Enter a Point Conversion scale for your program. Example $1 is equal to 10 points

Step 8: Click Add Program

Note: The Program Name and description will appear here in the Ordering UI.

Creating Loyalty Bonuses

Create a Sign-Up Bonus

Step 1: Navigate to Bonuses on the left hand navigation bar

Step 2: Select Sign-Up from Type of Bonus dropdown

Step 3: Enter a Bonus Name for internal use: Example: Free Coffee Sign Up Bonus

Step 4: Enter a Bonus Description for internal use: Free coffee reward to incentivize new loyalty members

Step 5: Select a pre-created Reward from the drop down. Example: Free Coffee

Step 6: Click Add Bonus

Creating Loyalty Perk

Fill the name of your perk and description. Use the drop-down to select “perk type”.

Perk type

What are they for?

recurring or not?

Perk type

What are they for?

recurring or not?


Awarding user on their birthday

Yes. Every year.

Sign Up

Awarding user when they sign up

No just once ever.


A continuous perk for when a user meets a set of conditionsthey are awarded a reward

Yes as long as the perk is still active.

Tier Reached One Off

Awarding user when they reach a tier

Currently, not recurring. Once they reach target tier they will be awarded and that’s it.

Add the reward via the next drop down. Then we can move on to 1 and 2. As mentioned above perk requirements comes in 2 types (tier vs non-tier). Here is where you can add conditions the user must meet for this perk.

Other Loyalty Page Admin Actions

  1. Search existing Rewards/Programs/Bonuses by Name

  2. Add New Rewards/Programs/Bonuses

  3. Sort existing Rewards/Programs/Bonuses by column header

  4. Edit existing Rewards/Programs/Bonuses settings

  5. Navigate between multiple pages and results per page

Toggle active status on or off for Rewards/Programs/Bonuses

Guest Facing UX/UI

Loyalty Wallet

  1. Points Required (Program Page)

  2. Program Name (Program Page)

  3. Program Description (Program Page)

  4. Loyalty Credit Reward (Rewards Page - Loyalty Credit)

  5. Reward Name (Rewards Page - Coupon Code)

  6. Reward Description (Rewards Page - Coupon Code)

Cart / Checkout


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