Customer Loyalty Migration

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Disclaimer: This article is for Lunchbox 2.0 customers only. If your dashboard header looks the same as below, you are in the right place:

Customer Loyalty Migration

The Customer Loyalty Migration program at Lunchbox benefits guests so that their data is migrated over securely to continue providing great service and flexibility to loyal customers. There are options for those launching a new brand as well as those existing brands that are launching new stores but are on a previous program.


  • Users must sign up with the same email from their previous account, otherwise, the user will introduce unwanted duplicates.

  • If users utilize Apple SSO to sign up/sign in and request that their email address is hidden, a new account will be created that isn't phone verified. 

  • Lists should not include duplicate phone numbers or duplicate email addresses.

  • Lists should not include batches of larger than 25,000 users.

  • We cannot upload Special Characters in the name field.

  • Make sure all point values are positive. Make sure Lifetimes points are equal to or higher than points.

  • Phone Numbers with less than 10 digits and more than 11 digits will not import.

New Brand Launching with Lunchbox & Existing Brand Launching New Stores on a previous program

Step 1: Migration information will be collected during the delivery process from the dedicated Delivery Manager; the information will be formatted using this template (see below). Within the template is the following columns that are used to house the information collected from the Delivery Manager:

  • First Name: The guest's first name.

  • Last Name: The guest's surname.

NOTE: If first and last name are left out these will be blank in the users loyalty profile.

  • Email: The guest's email address REQUIRED.

  • Phone: The guest's phone number (the Phone column should only include numbers; there should be no dashes or parentheses).

  • Lifetime Spend: The accrued lifetime points amount by the guest.

  • Points: The total points that the guest has gained.

  • Credits: The total $ credits that the guest has available.

NOTE: Be sure to convert your Points into Credits if you are submitting an import. Do this step before putting in your numbers. This formula is dependant on the threshold of points conversion Example: if every 100 points you get 1 dollar if you have 1400 points the user will get $14 spend. You would put 0 in points column and the 14 in the credits column.

  • Birth Date: The guest's date of birth (Birth Date Format: mm/dd/yyyy or mm/dd).


NOTE: If a line is red this means that it doesn’t line up with one of our formatting rules as listed above. The example below shows a phone number with too few characters and points that are higher than lifetime spend highlight the user in red.

WARNING: Columns must be in the exact order shown in the template.

Step 2: Contact your dedicated Customer Support Manager (CSM) so that they can help import the migration information into the template and run a API sync. 

Things to Note

  • Lifetime Spend (column)

    • Guests will automatically be added to the new Lunchbox Tier, based on the information found in the column labeled Lifetime Spend.

    • Example: Tier 1 = 50 points, Tier 2 = 100 points, Tier 3 = 200 points. If the guest's lifetime spend is $250, the guest will automatically be added to Tier 2 of your new Lunchbox Loyalty Program unless otherwise noted. If you want your guests to reset to Tier 1, you must specify in the template.

    • NOTE: Toast does not include Lifetime Spend in their reporting.

  • Email (column)

    • If the guest email is imported, guests will need to sign up with the email connected to their previous Loyalty account. Lunchbox recognizes migrated guests based on their email address.


  • Does a guest from a previous online ordering program need to sign up for a new Lunchbox ordering account?

    • Yes. Once the guest's email and phone number have been confirmed and the guest has signed up for the first time, accrued loyalty will live on the guest's profile page. The email must be the same for loyalty to match up. The guest will not be able to "log in" if they have not "created an account" through the Lunchbox platform.

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