1d - Set Up Online Ordering Acceptance Settings & Printing Capability

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Set Up Online Ordering Acceptance

In order for orders to print to POS properly for order ahead orders placed before operating hours it is important that the POS be set to accept online orders when the store is closed.

Step 1: At the top of the screen located on the black navigation bar click Settings.

Step 2: Locate the Online Ordering Settings / Order Rules and ensure that the Accept online orders when store is closed checkbox is checked.

Step 3: Click Save

Set Up Online Ordering Capability

In order for orders to flow through to the POS from Lunchbox Online Ordering Printing has to be enabled.

NOTE: This setting has to be done by a Revel Support Agent. This checkbox can only be seen by the Revel Support Team. For assistance call 1 415 744 1433

To help guide the support agent on where this setting is found proceed using the steps below.

Step 1: At the top of the screen located on the black navigation bar click Establishment.

Step 2: Next on the left-hand side click Stations.

Step 3: Locate the Main Syncing Station.

NOTE: The main syncing station is typically POS1. This can be seen by selecting the Show More Drop Down located under the Network Section.

NOTE: Once clicked you will see Main Syncing Station. The box will be checked if The Parent station in a syncing environment. There can only be one Main station per Network Key.

Step 4: Once located scroll down to Printing. Revel Support has access to a setting found here under Bar Station called Print Online Orders. This checkbox will need to be checked off by the Revel Support Team.

Once finished orders should start printing for Online Orders. If this still doesn’t resolve the issue or only some items print. We suggest looking into the checking the Printing Stations by Menu Item.

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