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Overview is an automated messaging platform that the Lunchbox Team uses for Restaurant Partners, which offers more control and flexibility to craft and send data-driven emails, push notifications, and SMS messages.


How does Work?

  1. Customer Activity is sent into the Workspace in the form of Attributes, Events, Page Views, and Devices.

  2. All of that data is associated with individual customers (i.e., People in the system).

  3. People data is used to populate Segments and to build powerful Campaigns and Broadcasts that send messages to Lunchbox Customers, to Lunchbox’s System, or to other Systems.

Best Practices


  • Automated and data-driven customer engagement.

  • More customer data points when compared to the previous email platform. Now available:

    • Birthdays

    • Account Anniversaries

    • Products Purchased

    • Robust Loyalty Tracking

  • Real-time data flowing through Segment.

  • SMS through Twilio.

  • Email verification process to mitigate any chances of email deliverability issues.

  • Automated website form tracking.

  • Improved dashboard & performance tracking.

  • Ability to track purchase conversions from emails.


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